HTML page header hreflang example

The HTML header is useful as it is simple the validate and maintain or if you can't upload a sitemap to your website.

Why utilise the HTML head for hreflang annotations?

The HTML head has traditionally been the simplest implementation to validate as well as manage within the backend. Sitemaps may not be generated as quickly as pages are being changed and/or created and therefore may not be 100% correct.

Is HTML head the best location for hreflang tags?

The HTML is a solid choice and quite often the most dynamic solution available to web developers with lot's of opportunities to integrate with CMS systems.

How can you test html head hreflang tags?

The easiest way to test hreflang head attributes is with our simple hreflang testing tool.

Example of this page if you view source
<link href="" hreflang="en-gb" rel="alternate"/> <link href="" hreflang="fr" rel="alternate"/> <link href="" hreflang="de" rel="alternate"/>